About Political Technology

In 2002 Mark Bursic set out to use his knowledge of the internet, information technology and database development to build one of the first technical agencies for politics. That success is well know as Political Technology provided technology services for thousands of campaigns nationwide from 2004-2016. In 2016 he brought together a group of political consultants and security experts/programmers to rebuild the firm to provide cybersecurity for campaigns and organizations. Specifically for their WordPress websites, because as an open source platform WordPress has over 25% of the worldwide installed base and therefore has become a notorious target for hackers and criminals.

Most of the team had worked with WordPress since 2004 developing high-traffic sites for companies, political campaigns and organizations. As such they had seen first hand the hacking attempts targeted at high-profile web sites.

Today, Political Technology uses it’s vast knowledge to secure both WordPress websites and email accounts for campaigns and organizations.