Services for Campaigns and Organizations

It all starts with our free website evaluation and vulnerability scan. Call today at 800-719-8140 and we can give you a free evaluation of your site.

Security Check and Hardening

After completion of an evaluation and hardening the site will be verified malware free and the security will be hardened. Features of the package include:

  • Password hardening
  • Malware check (WP Install)
  • Updates to WordPress core files
  • Disable WordPress known attack vectors
  • Free website monitor installed
  • Evaluation of plugins and theme
  • Malware check (Outside WP Install)
  • Comprehensive report and discussion

The extensive password check hardens the credentials for all users at all access points. If necessary we change insecure passwords into 14+ character hard to guess, but easy to remember passwords. We also disable and hide known features within WordPress that possess vulnerabilities. We will then examine the existing plug-ins, and add-ons and ensure that they are up to date and secure. We also add some additional plug-ins that will further boost the security of the website. We analyze vulnerabilities and look for malware that may be in place that resides outside the WordPress installation. In addition, we make changes to the WordPress admin structure to eliminate existing vulnerabilities. We install a web site monitor that will protect the site from of the more common hacking attempts. This monitor will stay in place after we are done and keep watch over the website and email out a weekly report of hacking attempts. Finally, we will send a comprehensive yet easy to understand report of our findings with additional suggestions and best practices going forward. Upon presentation of this report we will go over all the things that have changed as well as relevant data we encountered during our evaluation.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reporting

Critical System helps your company stay ahead of hacking attempts by monitoring the site and regularly evaluating the site for intrusions. We work together with your IT team and volunteers to make sure the site is secure and that best practices are engaged. Our monitoring and reporting package is designed to watch for attempts to penetrate your system and provide regular and emergency email alerts. This includes denial of service attempts, SQL injections and various specific WordPress hacking attempts. The system logs all attack attempts and stores information about the hacker’s location. Also, the system’s reporting function uses email as a quick notification system in the event of an intrusion. The web application firewall stops attacks by identifying malicious traffic, blocking attackers before they can access your website. It is automatically updated with new firewall rules that protect from the latest threats. Our monitoring system monitors for attacks and will lock out any attempts to brute-force guess your WordPress password or WordPress usernames. This service includes:

  • A monthly email report of intrusion attempts
  • Quarterly evaluations and planning sessions with our cybersecurity team
  • Ongoing subscription to a site monitoring and firewall system
  • Preferred status and discounted rates for our Critical Response Team in the event of an incident
Critical Response – In the Event of a Cybersecurity Breach

If you have been hacked we can have our team log into the system and find the source of the attack and fix the security hole. Then we apply our Security Check & Hardening service to secure the rest of the site and install a free monitoring and firewall system to notify of any future intrusions. A report is delivered to the organization explaining our investigation, elimination methods and hardening of the site security. This report might be included with an insurance claim per your cyber liability policy.